A Woman Was Lynched Today

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nichole Aguirre-Caoyonan, 31 San Francisco, Killer convicted in her 2003 murder. Scroll down.

In Iowa today, a 22 year old man killed his parents and three sisters.

Marilyn Mays, 47
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Lyndon Caoyonan 38 San Francisco CA 2003 murder conviction

It is an unfortunate that this had to happen to this individual in a society that has been corrupted. Others have there own perception of what had happen to this case and everyone has there own conclusion of what this case was about, but of course the domestic violence that we all have portrayed in this society has far to long been mislead. This case is a very typical case of substance abuse. It was never covered in any of the articles that substance abused played a part in this case that was reported on Oct 2006.

When this news first came out in November 2003 SF Gate news there was mentioned that drug was a part of a role to this misconduct mentality. How do I know that, I was once his past and new a lot about this person and yes drug was a factor at that time which I’ve heard from the grapevine.

Drug plays a big role in one person’s frame of mind. How do I know that, I am a recovery addict and know of that. Your mind is fully taken control of this substance and can not identify from reality to a figure of your imagination. There were a lot of things I knew about this person no others knew of and that is the psychological and physical abused he had went through in his juvenile years. I was there and I seen, heard and live it once upon a time.

A person’s past does play a big factor to his/her future. Some may lead a more positive outcome but some are unfortunate of not succeeding which leads a person to some form of abuse, either physically, mentally, psychologically, and even substance form of abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc.)
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