A Woman Was Lynched Today

Friday, October 13, 2006


Thank You for Your Participation.

Posting information on the comment threads about new cases of the gender based murder of women and girls here is the core of this blog's content. I would encourage everyone to read the comments and follow the links given by readers for more information. The comment threads are the best way to give me information about new cases too.

Having an unusually busy week, most of it away from my computer and not being able to post to this blog, I would like to thank those of you who have posted information on the comment threads. I'm looking into the possibility of posting from other computers in case another week like this one happens.

Please also ask people to post information here and to participate. All that is asked is that the information be from reliable sources, be focused on the victim and not the murderer and that sensational and unnecessary details not be listed.

A link is essential. Even just copying the whole http:// line in the address field to a newspaper or other online source and pasting that in the comment is worth doing.

These cases aren't easy to find even on the web, without the participation of readers a lot of this information will be lost. This blog needs readers and sources to work. Thank you for your participation.

Michelle Gardner-Quinn, a woman from my hometown disappeared from her college in Vermont last Friday. They found her body today and the main suspect is being held on previous charges of sexual assault.

one news source
Here is another
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